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Life is an interesting cycle of choices and decisions; my advice to everyone is simple: "Live your best dream."

I first spoke this mantra when I was training in the U.S Army as an American solider, but it wasn't until 2009 when I quit my job to start a marketing company that I began to incorporate it into my life. Fast forward twelve years, and I am a 33-year old digital nomad, living in a foreign country on the beach, celebrating 20 years as an entrepreneur and 12 years running a business full-time.

The dream is real and I'm here to affirm to you, that you deserve yours too.

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Live Your Best Dream.
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Digital Nomad

About a year ago, I experienced anxiety, boredom and loneliness for the first time in my life. It was unfamiliar and strange. As an attempt to gain a bit of normality, during the Pandemic, I retreated to Mexico for 30 days and during my stay, I fell in love with the people, positive vibes and beautiful atmosphere. Everything just felt right. So, I took a chance, found an apartment and began calling Mexico, my home away from home. I travel to different countries working from my laptop, learning different cultures and existing as my ancestor's wildest dream.
Best. Decision. Ever.

Seasoned Entrepreneur

I started a pajama business at 13 with a $20 loan from my mom. I expanded the line to customized apparel and accessories and later sold a proprietary part of the business (the data) at age 20. I then used those funds to start a millennial marketing company that I ran full-time for 12 years and grew into a multi-six figure organization, before shifting in business. During my time, I negotiated multi-year contracts with global brands, national non-profit organizations and government entities, helping them reach and connect with millennial and Gen-Z consumers through digital and social media marketing.

Digital Real Estate Investor

In addition to investing in stocks and crypto, I buy, develop and sell digital assets such as domains, websites, and social media accounts. This began as a hobby and expanded into a business of building a portfolio of intellectual property.

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Krystal Harrell's Bio

For more than 20 years, Krystal Harrell, commonly referred to as Miss Business, has been trusted by some of the world's most recognizable corporations helping them communicate their message and market their brand to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers.

At 23, Krystal Harrell was named by FORTUNE Magazine as “The Next-Generation Female Entrepreneur”.

One of FORBES top career sites for women wrote, “she has the industrious attitude most employers daydream about...", and

ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE called her a “heavy hitter” in their list of “young and disruptive female entrepreneurs."

Krystal Harrell started her 1st business at the age of 13, selling pajamas door-to-door to neighbors and friends. At 16, she expanded her product line to customized apparel and accessories before selling a proprietary part of her business at the age of 20. Prior to starting a new business, Krystal spent a year working as an independent contractor leading direct marketing campaigns where she trained and managed more than 100 entry-level reps in half-a-dozen U.S territories on sales, marketing and leadership. In her role, she coordinated over 300 outdoor events, road shows, trade shows and in-store demonstrations for Fortune 500 and national non-profit organizations.

Armed with more than 20 years of business experience, Krystal, 33, is an American-entrepreneur, trusted advisor and former digital strategist for global brands, national non-profit organizations and government entities. She spent the past 12 years advising on the subject of millennial consumers, mobile marketing and social media. Today she leads a team of technology enthusiasts through her mobile app startup, 10th + 14th.

Prior to dropping out of college to pursue a life as an entrepreneur, Krystal attended Columbia College and The Art Institute of Charlotte, while training with the U.S. Army as an American solider working in the Public Affairs division.

© 2021 Krystal Harrell. All rights reserved.

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